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The Undisputed Anchor (ft. Porter Collins)

November 01, 2023 Hudson Forster (ft. Porter Collins) Episode 82
For Stars Podcast
The Undisputed Anchor (ft. Porter Collins)
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Getting to a certain point in your life, you realize the gifts that are offered to you along the way, and for Porter Collins, rowing was one of them. The three-time World Champion, two-time Olympian (1996 & 2000), 1994 Henley Royal Regatta Champ, Eastern Sprints & IRA National Champion, Collins cemented himself as a significant, generational talent in United States Rowing. A 1998 Brown University Graduate, Porter was apart of undisputedly, the best freshman class in the history of men's collegiate rowing.

A rower in the Mike Teti National Team Era, Porter learned first hand what real work ethic and passion looks like. These fundamentals, along with others, propelled not only Porter, but his teammates to reach success and make it to the highest stage in rowing. Hudson and Porter sit down and discuss what really happened during the buildup to the 2000 Olympic Games, the documentary, importance of Pete Cipollone, power of Steve Gladstone and how excellent he is as a rowing coach and recruiter, inspiration from Xeno Muller, and the purpose of failure. We even dive into Porter's occupation in stocks and working for hedge funds, being one of the subjects in "The Big Short" a movie correctly predicting the market crash in 2008. Collins firmly stands by "the greatest challenges offer the greatest rewards, and how we meet that reveals the truth in all of us". It is evident how this quote follows Porter throughout his daily life and experiences competing for Brown, and the US National Team. People did not believe in Porter and he was cut from certain teams, but that did not stop him from reaching his goals and making history. Be sure to tune in!

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(Cont.) The Undisputed Anchor (ft. Porter Collins)