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Mic’d Up with McGee (feat. Luke McGee)

February 29, 2024 Hudson Forster (feat. Luke McGee) Episode 91
For Stars Podcast
Mic’d Up with McGee (feat. Luke McGee)
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From Mic’d Up in the Erg Room to the podcast, Head Coach of Syracuse Women’s Rowing, Luke McGee, joins us here at the For Stars Podcast for some fun. 

To close out the month of February, Hudson & Luke dive into the upcoming spring season, going over conference realignment and the three new powerhouses (Cal, SMU & Stanford) being added to the ACC next fall. We talk all things Syracuse Women’s Rowing, answering a plethora of recruitment questions, going over how imperative strong team culture means to a squad, touching on the static and dynamic erg, and ultimately what Cuse has to offer to it’s student-athletes. 

McGee graduated from Brown University where he rowed on the Men’s Heavyweight team, along with the United States Under-23 National Team, and eventually on the Senior team, post-college rowing. A coach for the University of Washington for five years, as well as coming back to Rhode Island to coach for his alma-mater at Brown, McGee is dedicated to the sport of rowing. Nonetheless, the development of his athletes, an important quality in his coaching efforts. Be sure to tune in!

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(Cont.) Mic’d Up with McGee (feat. Luke McGee)